Simcraft Guillotines

Our SIMCRAFT Hydraulic guillotines have been designed to last the test of time and deliver perfect shearing each time. The rigid heavy steel construction withstands any tendency to twist the frame while 8 cutting edges shear through plate thicknesses up to 16mm.

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Product Description

  • SIMCRAFT HYDRAULIC SHEARS have been designed around the Swing Beam principle.
  • The main frame is an extremely rigid heavy steel plate construction.
  • The system is hydraulically balanced therefore no twisting of the framework under load.
  • The double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide the cutting and return strokes of the blade beam.
  • The design of the tank ensures that the machine can be operated continuously without the oil ever overheating.
  • The hold-down beam exerts a force that is directly proportional to the cutting force.
  • Both top and bottom blades have four cutting edges and are interchangeable.
  • A manual back gauge or a motorized back gauge with a digital readout on the control panel can be provided.

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