Exactility Pressbrakes

  • The Exactility is a major advance beyond traditional press brake design. This design provides all the advantages of both hydraulic and mechanical systems. It is a hydraulic press brake with mechanical load distribution in an upstroke design powered by a single hydraulic cylinder mounted horizontally in the frame base. Outstanding value is provided through efficiency, accuracy, safety & productivity.

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Product Description

  • More work capacity on less floor space with the slim H-frame design, easy to move with a single pick up point.
  • Full plate bending, designed for full use of the bed length with 100mm of free space between frames.
  • The design provides for adjustment of the tie rod to achieve variable beam angles, used for bending cones.
  • Adjustable wedge in the top beam ensures an even bend over the full length, compensating for load deflection.
  • A unique feature of the Exactility is that full tonnage can be applied at any point on the beam without it tilting.
  • Benefit of upstroke design is in the event of oil loss the beam will fall safely away from the operator’s hand.
  • Upstroke limit adjustments are affected by micrometer, fast angle setting and accurate repeatability.
  • A separate power pack to reduce downtime and maintenance to an absolute minimum.
  • CNC backstop is optional.

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